The HVAC Superheroes of the Mid-Ohio Valley

Is your thermostat acting like a teenager, moody and unpredictable? Has your air conditioner started making noises that belong in a horror movie, not your living room? Or maybe your heater is giving you the cold shoulder. Fear not, Morrison HVAC, the HVAC saviors of Marietta, Ohio, are here to save the day!

More than just HVAC

Providing outstanding HVAC Service since 1961, Morrison HVAC isn’t your normal heating and cooling company. No, they’re more comparable to superheroes – battling faulty wiring and vanquishing air conditioner villains in the Mid-Ohio Valley! A family-owned business, the team is armed with the experience and skills to handle everything from commercial HVAC maintenance to residential AC repair.

There’s no problem we can’t fix

From the sunny banks of Belpre, Ohio to the vibrant streets of Vienna, WV, Morrison HVAC guys have visited them all! Drafty commercial units in Boaz, WV? Been there, fixed that! Faulty heating service in Williamstown, WV? Done that, and with never a hair (or a screw) out of place. Problems with your AC repair in Reno, OH? Fret not, help is on the way, ready to make uncomfortable summers a thing of the past!