Turner & Schoel: Cool Comfort in the South

Turner & Schoel has been providing top-rate AC and HVAC services to the South for over 30 years. From AC installation and AC replacement to 24 hour AC repair and AC service, this family-owned business is the go-to for cool comfort no matter the weather.

Samantha, AL was the first town to benefit from Turner & Schoel’s expert services. With temperatures that can soar up to the mid-90s in the summer months, the locals knew they could always count on this team to keep them cool when the heat was on.

Northport, AL saw a huge benefit from Turner & Schoel when a local grocery store’s AC system needed to be replaced. The team was able to handle the job quickly and efficiently, and the store’s customers were thankful for the swift and reliable service.

Tuscaloosa, AL was also fortunate that Turner & Schoel was nearby when a few of the older buildings needed AC repair. The team was able to assess the situation and provide the repairs quickly and cost-effectively.

Cottondale, AL had a unique situation when a local library needed 24 hour AC repair during a heat wave. With temperatures being unbearable, the library needed a fast solution. Turner & Schoel provided the repair services they needed, allowing library-goers to stay cool in the summer heat.

No matter the AC service needs, Turner & Schoel has been the South’s go-to team for cool comfort for over 30 years. To learn more about the services they offer, visit their website.