Keep it Cool with Trinity’s Unbeatable Service!

A Floridian summer without AC is like a Lobster Broil…and you’re the lobster! That can be almost as funny as a snowball fight in the Sahara. In such roasting conditions, trust in Trinity Air Conditioning, Co., the non-stop team that can swiftly fix your AC repair woes.

AC Repair: Turning Roasted Lobsters into Chilled Cucumbers

When your air conditioner decides to play the diva and breaks down in the middle of a summer heatwave, what do you do? You don’t call Ghostbusters! Instead, hang up that panicking phone call to Alaska for iceberg shipments, and give Trinity a ring. We’ll convert back you from a broiled lobster to a chilled cucumber, pronto!

Air Conditioning Installation: Chill Outright from the Start

When it comes to HVAC installation and Air Conditioning Installation, we have a Zen-like focus. By ‘Zen’, we mean ensuring optimum temperature levitation whilst contemplating the sound of one hand clapping.

Rather than shivering away your winter or sweating out your summer, let Trinity’s expert AC Service keep you comfortable all the time, everywhere. From The Crossings to Kendall or from Coconut Grove to Coral Gables, we’re always geared up to make Pinecrest a cool paradise! Because at the end of it all, our favorite heat story features you…laughing in your subtle, chilly living room as the sun outside declares a heatwave.