Discover the Versatility of Shipping Container Modifications with Linked Equipment

Welcome to the innovative world of Linked Equipment, where we transform standard shipping containers into versatile, functional spaces tailored for numerous applications. One of our specialties is creating Modular Restroom Solutions; these individual units function as perfect additions for outdoor events, construction sites, or any location needing temporary facilities.

Unlike standard port-a-potties, our restroom solutions are fully equipped with working sinks, toilets, and showers. Built using high-quality materials, these restrooms ensure durability, hygiene, and comfort, primarily when situated in high traffic areas. The beauty of container modifications lies in their portability and ease of installation. Once the need is over, relocation or repurposing is a stress-free process.

However, crafting modular restrooms is not the only expertise in our portfolio. Another fantastic service we offer is the design and fabrication of Shipping Container Kitchens. These modified containers serve as fully functioning professional kitchens, with all the necessary facilities in place.

These shipping container kitchens are ideal for pop-up restaurants, food festivals, or temporary catering requirements. They are easy to transport, install, and clean, thus making your operations smoother and more efficient. We customize your kitchen room to meet your unique requirements, bringing your plans and ideas to life in a cost-effective way.

With Linked Equipment’s innovative solutions, flexibility, and customization options, rest assured you are investing in a solution that will optimize your space, streamline your operations, and expand your possibilities.

For more information on how our shipping container solutions can transform your operations, please contact us and our team will be only too happy to help.