Debunking HVAC Myths with Milwaukie Heating & Cooling

In the HVAC world, there exist a series of myths that could rush you into uninformed decisions. At Milwaukie Heating & Cooling, we believe in demystifying these misconceptions concerning Heating Repair, Heating Installation, HVAC Maintenance, Cooling System Service & Furnace Repair in Lake Oswego, OR, Clackamas, OR, West Linn, OR & Happy Valley, OR.

Myth #1: Maintenance isn’t necessary if the system is cooling or heating your home.

One popular myth is the belief that if your home is being cooled adequately in the summer or warmed correctly in the winter, then your HVAC system doesn’t need maintenance. This is false. Regular HVAC Maintenance is crucial in preventing future problems and ensuring longevity of your system.

Myth #2: The biggest HVAC system is always the best.

Another myth is the mindset that the bigger the HVAC system, the better. This is simply not true. The most efficient Heating Installation isn’t about the size but compatibility with your home. A system too large will cycle on and off frequently, causing increased power consumption, inconsistent temperatures, and an annoying on/off cycle.

Myth #3: Close vents in rooms you’re not using to conserve energy.

Contrary to popular belief, closing vents in rooms that aren’t often used does not save energy. In fact, it impacts the efficiency of your Cooling System Service. Your HVAC system was designed to cool or heat a certain amount of space; shutting vents can strain the system and lead to costly issues.

Myth #4: Furnace repair is a DIY project.

Lastly, people sometimes assume that Furnace Repair is a DIY project. Unless you’re an experienced professional, you run the risk of causing more damage than good by handling complex equipment without proper training.

Milwaukie Heating & Cooling is here to debunk these myths and guide you through the right paths in maintaining your HVAC system. Trust our professional team to provide top-notch services in Lake Oswego, OR, Clackamas, OR, West Linn, OR & Happy Valley, OR. Don’t give myths the power to dictate actions. Let’s unravel fact from fiction together.