Bringing Some Warmth and Humor to Pittsburgh’s Furnace Solutions!

Looking for an amusing take on heating service in Pittsburgh, PA? Well, you’re in the right place! At Staab & Sons, Inc., we believe in making your experience warming in more ways than one.

Where the Heat Never Sleeps

Between West Mifflin, PA and Bethel Park, PA, we won’t let you catch a cold spell. We’re always on the run, making sure your homes stay as cozy as a summer afternoon.

Are you based in Carnegie, PA or South Park, PA and in need of furnace replacement? Fret not! We’ll swoop in like superheroes (minus the capes, but with just as much dedication!). Don’t worry, ‘Click here for furnace replacement‘ is also our favorite winter chant.

Defrosting Dilemmas? We’ve Got You Covered

Need heater installation in Pittsburgh, PA? We’ve got hot solutions for your cold problems. Join the heating hootenanny and banish those winter blues.

In places like West Mifflin, PA, Bethel Park, PA, Carnegie, PA or South Park, PA, we’re your go-to furnace service and heating repair experts. Warming hearts and homes, that’s Staab & Sons, Inc. for you – serving up the heat with a side of humor.